October – Season of the Witch

October, a month for bones, roots and laying bare.

A month for leaving behind what can no longer sustain us and carrying forward what we need for the cold and dark ahead. A month for burying inner jewels.

Magical people will tell you that the two times of the year where the boundaries between worlds is thinnest are Beltane – May Eve and Samhain – All Hallows Eve.

May Eve arrives and you can see and feel the whole world rushing to be born again. All Hallows Eve however is about the retreat back the other way – back and forth, back and forth, the seasonal tides.

Beltane is for the faeries, All Hallows Eve is for the ghosts and Autumn is most definitely the season of the witch.


October is the month of the Blood Moon, so called as this would have been when agricultural communities would have slaughtered the live stock for meat for the winter ahead, sacrificing to sustain.

It has also been celebrated by some kind of fire festival for centuries, it is only a recent development in human history for us to have warm houses, and the magic of the warmth of the fire would have been keenly felt as the nights grew dark and cold once more. A month of blood, and bones and fire.

Halloween is by far my favorite festival (closely followed by May Eve). A night for witches, ghosts and the dead, I have always loved it and plans this year will definitely involve being outside in the woods, carving pumpkins and ghost stories around a fire. I have the last few herbs to pick from the garden, a small winter vegetable patch to plant, and will continue with the winter bedding and planting Spring bulbs – literal inner jewels. And then as the season demands, attentions will move back inside.Β  Craft projects this month involve finishing off my crochet blanket…

Whatever your plans are for October maybe take a twilight stroll under the blood moon into the woods….you never know what you will find when you make a little space for the ghosts and ghouls and things that go bump in the night….

Sending seasonal wishes x o


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