Home Brewed ‘Love Oil’ for Valentines

It’s a funny one for me, St Valentine’s Day, I know it is supposed to be about ‘the one you love’ but I always think about it as a general celebration of love and partnerships of all kinds.

I feel it most as my love of nature, which awakens with a passion at this time of the year with the emergence of Spring.

So, this little ‘Love Oil’ is not just to promote the traditional sense of the word love in a relationship, but it’s an all-encompassing positive love fest – love for our families, love for our friends, love for Mother Nature – perhaps she needs it most of all right now, and love for ourselves.

Most of the ingredients are from my dried herbs/flowers from last year, with some kitchen ingredients thrown in. All are chosen to welcome positive love, with passion, energy and a little grounding. I also used some tiny slivers of Rose Quartz.

This oil can be used for anointing wrists, ankles and behind the knees, especially lovely after a bath, or you can use it to rub into crystals, stones or anything you want to infuse with love. You can even place drops around your bedroom, living room and garden to welcome a more positive love energy into the space. I always use fractionated Coconut Oil with spell oils, as it is clear, will not harm people with nut allergies and washes out easily and does not stain, absolute practical magic!


  • Rose Petals – Love, romance & beauty
  • Lavender – Health, love & the opening of the conscious mind
  • Cinnamon – For energy
  • Ginger – For passion and courage
  • Coriander Seeds – Love, health, healing & fidelity
  • Fresh Rosemary – (dried out over a few days but not too much) – Longevity, love and remembrance
  • Rose Quartz – Love, peace & happiness
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • This is a 15ml glass dropper bottle

You may notice that I used a little sprig of Rosemary in my oil – I put Rosemary in nearly everything, because I am in love with it in many ways, Rosemary makes me happy.

Place the dry ingredients into the bottle first, then fill with the oil. Leave to ‘brew’ for a minimum of 24 hours. Use happily within 6 months, and oh isn’t it pretty!

Wishing you an abundance of love – in all its many guises x o


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