February – Light Bringer

If January is a month out of time, February is a bringer of the light. A journey from the Winter into Spring. A gateway.

We gain on average 2 hours of extra sunlight in the UK throughout February, with the Sun beginning its long climb to the very top of our Summer skies, and just now slanting  into the corners of spaces that have remained dark.

I find myself throughout the mornings and evenings of February, standing still, slightly unnerved, as I walk into spaces that now have light in them at odd times of the day.

The world feels different doesn’t it?

This light gifts me a sense of more time.

I am sure in the past before electric lighting this would have been felt incredibly keenly, but I still feel it now in my bones. This sense that with the light being present, I have  more time in my days, I am not racing against the dark. The Spring is a great stretching out of my being.

I marvel at just how dirty the windows are ! A whole winters worth of fire smoke, dust and weather, a filmy skin and a desire to shed it and clean and clear.

We celebrate ‘Valentine’s’ and send tokens of our love and our commitment to one another – a commitment to build something good together in all this new light. A sense of gentle hope and renewal.

Most of all – the light calls for me to go outside. The treasures that I buried in the Autumn are appearing. Sheaths of green pushing up into the earth, winter salads looking vibrant in the morning frost.

I want to plant my seeds, I want to turn the earth and watch the birds building their nests, my chickens stretching out in the early spring sunshine, throwing the Winter from their feathers.

The first egg of the year, first daffodils of the year and first blossom of the year.

February is holding springtime in my hands.

Haile x o


    1. These are little tete a tete daffodils, I think they seem to come out earlier, I’ve noticed it in other peoples gardens.
      Yes it really feels like Spring is coming fast this year!


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